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June Cirkuliranje in Vršac!

By 19.06.2023July 27th, 2023Cirkuliranje 2023, Events, News, Press

June Cirkuliranje in Vršac! The city of Vršac came alive with art and culture. Last weekend, the Cirkuliranje festival was held in Vršac.


Vršac hosted another successful stage of the international three-part project “My Neighbourhood With My Camera” during the past weekend, filled with enthusiasm and a spirit of hard work. A group of talented students from the Factory of Photographers in Belgrade had the privilege of getting to know Vršac and its surroundings through a series of interesting tasks. These photography enthusiasts dedicated themselves to this project with great passion, uncovering hidden corners and capturing their beauty. After the successful weekend in Vršac, the next stage will take place in Kovačica, promising even more exciting moments. All activities are part of Timișoara – European Capital of Culture – ECOC 2023 Timisoara.

Part of the working atmosphere of the project "My Neighbourhood With My Camera"

Part of the working atmosphere of the project “My Neighbourhood With My Camera”


In addition to the photographic magic, Vršac also hosted a beautiful theater performance for the youngest audience. Edu Teatar from Vršac delighted the numerous and satisfied audience with their adaptation of Branko Ćopić’s “Ježeva kućica” (The Hedgehog’s Home). Bojana Ivanov Đorđević, a talented member of the ensemble of Vršac’s theater, together with her husband Ivan, selflessly dedicated themselves to working with children. Their commitment and love for the theater were evident in every moment of the performance. Through the story of Ježurko the Hedgehog, “Ježeva kućica” conveyed a powerful message about self-confidence, independence, and bravery, inspiring young ones to explore the world around them, believe in themselves, and courageously pursue their dreams. Bojana and Ivan’s dedicated work with children certainly deserves all praise and support. You can view the announcement here.

Theater Play 'The Hedgehog's Home'

Theater Play ‘The Hedgehog’s Home’


Alongside artistic performances, Vršac came alive with the sounds of classical music. The students of the “Josif Marinković” Music School from Vršac amazed the audience with their exceptional musical skills at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Gerhard of Sagreda, also known as the “cathedral.” The teaching team, led by Tanja Gerdec, demonstrated outstanding work and expertise, leaving the audience breathless. Brilliant notes of classical music filled the space, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present. More about the program and announcement can be found here.

Performers - students of the "Josif Marinković" Music School, photo by Vesna Ružić.

Performers – students of the “Josif Marinković” Music School, photo by Vesna Ružić.

This year’s “Cirkuliranje” in Vršac has filled the hearts of participants and visitors. New friendships were forged, and the program was diverse, leaving indelible memories. However, the adventure continues. Next week, Kovačica, Padina, and Pančevo will host the final stage of this year’s edition of “Cirkuliranje.” Excitement is growing, and expectations are high. Who knows what surprises still await us on this unforgettable journey through the art and culture of Banat!