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About Us

Cirkuliranje (sirkuliranye, Circulation) is a dynamic force that promotes the cities of Banat and the region, along with their cultural characteristics, as a synthesis of the past and their relevance in the present.

More than an ordinary social initiative, this nonprofit organization aims to revive the cultural heritage of this area and contribute to a better understanding of the rich history. It presents a response to contemporary challenges for the region to the public.

Over the years, this passionate group has created successful projects such as “Pupin’s Challenge” and the “Cirkuliranje” festival, inspiring others toward positive change.

“Cirkuliranje” is a continuous intercultural and transdisciplinary project with successful multi-year cooperation involving over 30 partners. This project crossed the borders of the Republic of Serbia and became international.

The organization connects the area of historical Banat with the region and the world through cooperation. This includes institutions of culture and education, the art community, social institutions, socially responsible public and private businesses, citizens’ associations, social activists, scientists, and consumers of culture.

Savez udruženja Cirkuliranje is based in Vršac. Its founders include citizens’ associations, experts, and enthusiasts, with already realized and visible projects that aim to create lasting values.


Cirkuliranje events organized


unique events organized


participants from various countries


works of art exhibited

Elements that make up Cirkuliranje

Art workshops

A bunch of happy kids with paintbrushes in their hands

Exhibitions and Art Colonies

Samostalne i kolektivne izložbe i stvaranje novih vrednosti

Music Events

Concerts, DJ sets and mini music festival

Humanitarian Aids

Humanitarian Coffee, Fundraising Dinners and Volunteerism

Science & Education

Competitions, workshops, debates, public classes, scientific gatherings and exchanges of opinions


Pop-up Winery and Wine Nights

Regional Cooperation

Cirkuliranje in all major cities in the region


Performances of domestic and regional theaters

Event History

Nov 2023.
MV Exhibition in Szeged
Sep 2023.
Finale of "Moving Fireplaces MV" project in Timișoara ECoC 2023
Sep 2023.
Organized Pupin Challenge in Timișoara
Maj 2023.
Organized first finale of the 'Digital Challenge'
Maj 2023.
Organized Cirkuliranje in three places in Banat "Timișoara, Vršac and Kovačica"
Decembar 2022.
Promotion of the "New Hero" award
Decembar 2022.
Pre-premiere announcement of the European capital for 2023 Timisoara with an exhibition
Avgust 2022.
First exhibit "My Neighbourhood with My Camera"
March 2022.
First edition of "Pupin's Challenge"
June 2021.
The second photo colony "My Neighbourhood With My Camera" held in Kovačica, Padina and Pančevo
December 2020.
Start of the project Pupin's Challenge
September 2020.
Fifth jubilee Cirkuliranje in Vršac
May 2020.
Launch of "My Neighbourhood With My Camera" international project
December 2019.
10th Cirkuliranje event
June 2019.
International project "Geister" in The Netherlands
October 2018.
First Cirkuliranje in Timisoara - the festival gains an international character; establishment of the "Young Hero" award
March 2018.
First Cirkuliranje in Kikinda
December 2017.
Start of campaign: "Banat - European Center of Culture - 2021."
October 2017.
First Cirkuliranje in Pančevo
June 2017.
Cirkuliranje becomes a three-day festival
June 2016.
First Cirkuliranje in Vršac

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