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Code of Ethics


This code determines the set of values ​​and principles that the Association of Circulation Association from Vršac adheres to in its work and achievement of goals.


Social change and non-profit

We believe that social change is the basis of our work. The ideas we are guided by are not focused on personal gain, but on the well-being of a larger group of people and society as a whole.

Respect for human rights

We believe that all citizens have the same human rights. We support the implementation of relevant international human rights instruments, in particular the European Convention on Human Rights.

We believe that society should strive to provide equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, racial, ethnic and religious affiliation, social background and social status, education, age, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.


We believe that everyone has a personal responsibility to society, which is reflected through active commitment to the values ​​we respect and acting for the social change we want to achieve.


As non-governmental and non-profit organizations, we are responsible for our work and the results of the public, our users and partners, the communities in which we work.


The code of ethics is based on the following principles:

  • legality of work;
  • independence in work;
  • objectivity;
  • conscientiousness;
  • honesty;
  • respect for other people’s opinions;
  • individual responsibility.

All persons covered by this Code are obliged to abide by the law in their work, to respect the right of all participants in the procedure to equality before the law, and to act without favor or prejudice towards participants in the procedure and without discrimination on any grounds.

All persons covered by this Code are required to behave in the textbook approval process in a manner that strengthens the confidence of the public and participants in the procedure in their conscientiousness and honesty and to refrain from conduct that could call into question their objectivity.

All persons referred to in this Code are obliged to treat each other, employees of bodies and services in which the textbook approval process takes place, as well as all participants in the procedure politely, correctly and respectfully, and to respect and take into account consideration and opinion of others.

Sanctions for violations of the provisions of this Code do not exclude the individual responsibility of the person to whom this Code applies determined by law and acts based on law.


We apply values ​​in practice

The ideas about social change that we advocate are reflected in practice through the way we work to achieve our goals, through the structure of organizations, procedures and rules of work, attitude towards people we hire and employ, volunteers, citizens, partners and public promotion. We truthfully present information related to our work, activities and results.

We are independent

We are independent in deciding and achieving our goals, activities and programs.
We do not accept obligations to any individual, organization, institution or political party if they may affect independence in decision-making.

We establish procedures and rules for work that prevent decisions that are not in line with our values ​​or do not contribute to the social change we want to achieve.

We respect the law

We are responsible for the rule of law in the country where we work through respect for the laws, regulations and international agreements that apply in Serbia. If we do not agree with the laws, we do not violate them, we are already actively working to change them.

We provide the highest quality management

We are committed to constantly improving good practices in the management of our work.

We believe that independent and voluntary bodies, such as the Management and Supervisory Boards, have an important role to play in deciding and monitoring our activities, work and results.

We elect competent, responsible and independent persons as members of the Board.

We have clear conflict of interest policies

We are aware that each of us can, within the framework of everyday work, get into situations in which different interests conflict.

We make efforts and establish procedures to identify and prevent all existing and potential conflicts of interest in a timely manner, ie correct them so that they do not harm the organization, our users, partners and associates in any situation.

Our work is public

We believe that we are responsible for our work to the citizens of Serbia. That is why we make all aspects of our work available to the public – be it activities, results or financial resources.

We are professional in performing activities

We are committed to constantly improving the quality of our work. We hire competent people, we are up-to-date, informed and respect the principles of good communication. We fulfill promises and obligations that we take on and we do not take on obligations that we are not sure we can fulfill.

We are principled in raising funds

When raising funds, we take into account the goals, programs and real needs and capacities of the organization. That is why we apply only for funds and activities that are in line with our goals and programs and that we can perform competently and with quality.

Attitude towards the funds entrusted to us

We treat the funds entrusted to us responsibly. We carefully manage our finances and take care of both efficiency and effectiveness.

We respect people who work

We respect the rights of our employees and form internal documents, rules and procedures so that they are in accordance with relevant international and national documents on respect for human rights.

We treat employees and volunteers with respect and dignity, take care of health and social security, invest in their development and enable them to use their potential, we try to adequately reward their efforts.

We appreciate the users

We treat the people we work with professionally, kindly, politely and honestly, with respect and dignity. We have clear communication and we are open about what we can and cannot do. We include them in the decisions we make. We do not differentiate between them regardless of gender, racial, ethnic and religious affiliation, social origin and social status, education, age, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation or any other personal trait. We establish mechanisms that allow users to express critical opinions about our work.

We respect the principles of good cooperation

We are guided by the principles of mutual respect and mutual respect and tolerance with the organizations, institutions and persons with whom we communicate or cooperate.

If we criticize their work, we do not use insults, lies and slander, and before expressing our opinion, we gather all the information and make sure that it is correct.

We pay special attention to respecting these principles when communicating and cooperating with other civil society organizations. We provide active support to all civil society initiatives unless they are contrary to our values ​​and principles.