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Pupin’s Challenge – COMPETITION January 29th and 30th 2022

By 26.01.2022February 22nd, 2022Pupin's Challenge
Pupinov Izazov takmičenje

For this weekend, the competition is planned to be held, organized by the Regional Center for Talents – Mihajlo Pupin and the Association CIRKULIRANJE, entitled:


Competition in Information and Communication Technologies

The motto of this competition is:

Whatever you do and learn – connect it with the interest of the public good, and for the general benefit of society

Continuous cooperation and work on improving the educational ecosystem of the region have set a good precondition for the successful implementation of the project: Pupin’s Challenge, with this year’s participants – high school pupils.

The goals are the improvement of the educational-information ecosystem and the cultural and economic development of the region.

Beside the support of participants – high schools and it’s pupils, the interest was shown by the Ministry of Education, RDA South Banat, Vojvodina ICT Cluster, Deloitte Serbia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, ICT Community in Romania, a large number of schools, businesses and experts.

All the necessary information can be found on the official “Pupin Challenge” page.

The competition is to be held on the weekend of January 29th  and 30th , in the premises of the Center in Pančevo.

As part of the preparations, on January 20th, 2022, a public online introductory class was held with participants and those interested in the competition. It was said that the focus for this planned competition is on the hackathon and team performance. Some of the mentors and professional associates were presented and the tasks have been shown, as preparation for the competition.

It was also mentioned that this competition has several formats of participation, and that in the future these conditions and regulations will be supplemented and improved. This public lesson and introductory class raised good interest among high schools, and we believe it met the expectations.

The PUPIN’s CHALLENGE project officially started on December 3, 2021. with the international panel discussion – Education tailored to young people, and due to epidemiological reasons, the date of the competition was moved to January 2022.

The successful panel discussion confirmed the broad support for the project and the determination of the participants to be a part of it.

CIRKULIRANJE and the CENTER accept and apply new technological standards, and at the same time nurture culture and freedom of expression in terms of intercultural dialogue.

This collaboration has created an opportunity to develop a broader platform for the Pupin Challenge that can respond to constant changes in the environment.

We plan not to limit ourselves just to informatics. Today, the term Information and Communication Technologies does not have these classic, rigid limitations, but can be applied to almost all aspects of life and work.

Panelists agree that projects like this are a spark and a driver of change in the environment. You can read more about Pupin’s challenge – Get started! The first international panel “Tailor-made education” successfully held

The plan is to make the competition more extensive and diverse in the next period, and the panel discussion will also take the form of lectures, workshops, round tables and conferences.

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