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Cirkuliranje Annonuces a New Festival for 2022 Under the Slogan “Culture in Motion”

By 15.04.2022January 17th, 2023Cirkuliranje 2022, Events, News, Press
Cirkuliranje 2022

Cirkuliranje announces a new edition of the festival for 2022 under the slogan “Culture in Motion”

The real beginning of summer begins with the CIRCULATION Festival. Get ready for the third weekend of June from the 17th to the 19th and start your summer with us. We are circulating in Vršac at several locations.

This is the seventh year of this international festival (2016-2017) in 5 cities of Banat, which was held over ten times. This is a festival of culture in a modern form that has set and sets sustainable directions of development and connections in the fields of culture, science, education and tourism. According to the way of this festival organizing and happening, it can be rightly said that this festival represents a culture in motion.

The biggest novelty in this year’s edition of the festival is ZOFFMANN FEST (Cofman fest) – a craft beer festival. The promotion of yet another heritage of culture and tradition of the City of Vršac and the region, unrightfully lost from this region. Great craft beer and great company await us.

The BANAT – European Cultural Center platform is a gathering place for creative thought and a modern cultural manifesto which articulates artistic creation and the promotion of the culture of the region and the world. As part of it, we plan to hold a panel on the cultural heritage of the region, a couple of exhibitions, concerts and performances.

Now, there is already a standard international photo colony with an exhibition – “My neighbourhood with my camera”. Partner in this is Fabrika Fotografa from Belgrade.

We will promote PUPIN’S CHALLENGE – ICT (information and communication technologies) project and competition. We connect the region with modern technologies, increasing the visibility of the Serbian ICT industry, contributing to the improvement of the educational and information system of the Republic of Serbia and contributing to the cultural and economic development of the region.

In the following period, the public will be informed in more detail about the activities and the program. You can see everything on CIRKULIRANJE.

The invitation is open to all who would like to join the upcoming Circulation Festival.