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Pupin’s Challenge 2023 starts this weekend

Pupin’s Challenge season 2023 begins with the Digital Challenge cycle and a workshop at the “Mihajlo Pupin” Regional Talent Center in Pančevo on 13th of May.

After the successful last season, the organizers have prepared new challenges for students in the fields of programming, physics and electronics. Pupin’s Challenge participants are expected to be present at a certain number of workshops to be able to participate in the Pupin’s Challenge finals and receive a certificate of participation. More will be said about this during the season of this competition.

In the previous weeks, the organizing team visited several schools in Serbia and Romania to invite students to sign up and participate in the new season. Also, there was intensive communication with faculties and associations, to expand the scope of activities and the number of partners.

What awaits us?

The first workshop of the Digital Challenge will be held on Saturday, May 13, at the “Mihajlo Pupin” Regional Center for Talents in Pančevo, and will focus on preparing for the competition, which is planned for May 27, at the Mathematical Lyceum in Belgrade.

During this workshop, the participants of previous seasons who continued to apply the knowledge gained from the competition in their own projects will present their works.

After this stage, the organizers continue with the workshops from August/September. We hope to organize a summer school at the beginning of July.

As we announced in the previous news, the biggest news for this season of Pupin’s Challenge is that the final will be held in January 2024. It is expected that this season will expand with the scope of activities and the number of partners, as well as that it will be more focused on the realization of concrete, real problems using knowledge from physics, electronics and programming.

The organizers continue to create and supplement their own educational material. This first workshop will also be documented, and the material will be available for the continuation of the cycle, as well as for the teams that will not be present at the first workshop in Pančevo. Will present

We invite all those interested to apply for the new season of Pupin’s Challenge and together with us explore new possibilities in the world of programming, physics and electronics. Expect dynamic workshops, teamwork and lots of surprises. See you at Pupin’s challenge!