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Fabrika Fotografa and Cirkuliranje: Made in Fabrika Fotografa 9 – Photo Exhibition in Timisoara, Romania

By 08.12.2022December 15th, 2022News
Made in Fabrika Fotografa 9

Fabrika Fotografa and Cirkuliranje are inviting you to the MADE IN FABRIKA FOTOGRAFA 9 photo exhibition in which will be held on December 15th from 5 PM (local time) in the art gallery of Maria Theresia Bastion in Timisoara, Romania.

We are celebrating ninth birthday of the Fabrika Fotografa. On display in Bastion in Timisoara you will see part of the annual photo exhibition from 84 authors of this Academy for photography, as well as photos from photo colony in June in Vršac from the project “My neighborhood, with my camera”.

What comes after corona? How do we experience those months and what has changed? Our photographers captured the environment as they see it with their cameras, and captured their emotions fueled by the events they experienced.

There are three categories: Travelogue, Women’s photography and We celebrate life.

Most of them traveled and sincerely tried to convey the spirit of the destinations they visited and show their experience of those countries. Some of them visited Vršac and made their impression of this Banat city. Travelogues are an indispensable part of all our exhibitions.

Women’s photography is an area we particularly wanted to feature this year. The idea was fueled by the fact that an increasing number of women are engaged in photography.

In We celebrate life part, the idea of this topic is to show our view of the chapter that came after everything that happened to the world in the previous two years.

You can preview the exhibits on Fabrika Fotografa’s website.