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My Neighbourhood With My Camera

Photo Competition



My Neighbourhood With My Camera

Photo Competition

Show us with your camera what your neighbourhood is like. Tell us your story. Present to us, how this period of social distancing contributed to your creativity.

Plan is to have couple of exhibitions this year and the next. The final of the project is in December 2021.

The deadline for submitting a photo for the first photo selection is 30.6.2020. Become the author who will be a part of this international exhibition.


About the competition

The competition was conceived and designed by the Festival Cirkuliranje in cooperation with Fabrika Fotografa, and within the project – „BANAT – EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE – towards 2021.“

Partners in this project are photo clubs (Vršac and others), universities and individuals.

The idea of ​​the project itself is to socially connect people, and that is especially emphasized and needed now in the context of the Korona virus pandemic that imposed physical distancing.

„Technology, right now, has advanced so greatly that we can keep connected in many ways without actually physically being in the same room or physically being in the same space with people,“ WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove

We communicate through photography, with no age or location restrictions. Photography lovers have the opportunity to show their skill in photography and be part of an international project. We are planning more selection of works, and deadline the first selection is 30/06/2020. and be presented for the Festival Cirkuliranje, which is scheduled to take place in late June or early July, depending on events related to the imposed restrictions.

So far, more than 100 individuals have been involved in the Fabrika Fotografa project through online classes with the topic „Self-isolation“.

The project „BANAT – THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE – towards 2021“ deals with the artistic creation and promotion of the culture of the region, which has many parts (art colonies, theatre performances, music concerts, art workshops, education, public lectures, forums, conferences, etc.). This project becomes a gathering place for creative thought and represents a modern manifesto of culture.

MY NEIGHBOURHOOD WITH MY CAMERA competition is not funded. It represents volunteer work and the contribution of all involved to make this world a little bit better place and contribute to the socialization of people.

Terms and Conditions

The competition is open to everyone, without geographical and age restrictions. There is a limit of up to 20 photos in JPG format with minimal graphic processing. It is preferable that the photos be made with a digital camera (DSLR), but also, we will accept photographs done with a mobile phone.

Join the Competition

Procedure for sending photos

  1. Send selected photos via in JPG/JPEG format
  2. For „Email to“ you put:
  3. Enter your email address in the „Your email“ field
  4. The “Message” field should contain the following items:
    2. Your name and surname
    3. Your email address
    4. Your contact phone
    5. Your date of birth


For the first selection of photographs , we plan to set up a virtual exhibition, as well as to produce the best works to be presented at the CIRKULINJE festival in Vrsac, as well as in the cities of Banat and Belgrade.

There are also plans for 2 large exhibitions in Novi Sad and Timisoara as European Capitals of Culture for next year.