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The sixth edition of Cirkuliranje Festival in Vršac starts tomorrow – Welcome!

Cirkuliranje 2022

Festival of Culture in a Contemporary Form

Cirkuliranje this weekend in Vršac! The sixth edition of the festival for 2022 bears the slogan “Culture on the move” announces the real beginning of summer.

This is the seventh year of the International Circulation Festival ( first 2016) in 5 cities of Banat which has been realized over ten times .

The Circulation Festival is a festival of culture in a modern form that has set and is setting sustainable directions of development and connections in the fields of culture, science, education and tourism. According to the way of organizing and happening with full rights, it can be said that this festival represents culture on the move .

The platform BANAT – European Cultural Center (BECK) is a gathering place for creative thought and a modern cultural manifesto that deals with artistic creation and promotion of the culture of the region and the world.

The following exhibitions and concerts will be presented:

  • “Three Greats” – an exhibition of paintings by the three most important painters of Kovačica’s naive art and “Naive Conversations” – a public lesson on naive art. Read more.
  • “Self-isolation” – an international exhibition, attended by Fabrika fotografa.
  • “Monsters, polyps, dolphins …” – unusual works by Ivan Malušević. Read more here.
„Tri velikana“

„Three Greats“ – exhibition

„Čudovišta, polipi, delfini...“ - Ivan Malušević

“Monsters, polyps, dolphins …” – Ivan Malušević

Concert activities are led by the Music School “Josif Marinkovic” with two concerts:

  • “Summer begins with jazz” – we are celebrating a small jubilee – 10 years of work of the jazz department of the school
  • “Classics in the Cathedral” – we are singing again in the magnificent building of the Church of St. Gerhard. Read more.
„Summer begins with jazz“ + „Classics in the Cathedral“

„Summer begins with jazz“ + „Classics in the Cathedral“

Music Center “Zvončići” will hold a concert on Friday, June 17. in the ex House of the Army from 7 p.m.

On Saturday, June 18,  My Neighbourhood with My Camera – international photo colony and competition with exhibition “Self-isolation” will be held.

The photo colony will last one day, and participants have the opportunity to be part of an international project. Read more.

„My Neighbourhood with My Camera“ photo competition and photo colony

„My Neighbourhood with My Camera“ photo competition and photo colony

This is now becoming a constant occurrence and with the ongoing agreements it has every chance of becoming a regional constant in terms of photographic events and promotion of the region.

U sklopu priprema za Festival Cirkuliranje, promovišemo u srednjim školama Vršca PUPINOV IZAZOV – projekat i takmičenje u Informaciono Komunikacionim Tehnologijama. Povezujemo region savremenim tehnologijama, povećavamo vidljivosti srpske IKT industrije, doprinosimo unapređenju obrazovno-informacionog sistema Republike Srbije i doprinosimo kulturološkom i privrednom razvoju regiona.

As part of the preparations for the Circulation Festival, we are promoting in high schools in Vršac PUPIN’S CHALLENGE – project and competition in Information and Communication Technologies. We connect the region with modern technologies, increase the visibility of the Serbian ICT industry, contribute to the improvement of the educational and information system of the Republic of Serbia and contribute to the cultural and economic development of the region.

At the end of the festival, we left to meet an unusual young man and a real Pannonian surfer in the former House of the Army. More on that here. After that, a screening of the film will be held in cooperation with the Cultural Center Vrsac and the closing of the festival for this year.

„Panonski surfer“

„Pannonian surfer“

A lot of good music and entertainment awaits us in Vršac bars, partners of the festival. The invitation is always open to anyone who would like to join the upcoming Circulation Festival.

Visit our Cirkuliranje 2022 page for more information.

See you at Cirkuliranje!