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Pupin’s Challenge Finale Will Take Place on 17th and 18th of December 2022

By 08.11.2022January 18th, 2023News, Press, Pupin's Challenge

The finale of the new cycle of Pupin’s Challenge is scheduled for December 17th and 18th in the premises of the “Mihajlo Pupin” Regional Center for Talents. We are expecting one review of the practical work as well as several workshops.

New season of Pupin’s Challenge started back in September. Our activities expanded, as well as the number of schools and partners who we collaborate with in this project. In this season, the emphasis is on Processing, which will be represented in all workshops, as well as in the final itself.

The finals, like the previous time, will last two days, and an invitation is open for all potential participants and they can register here.

Previously held workshop in the Talent Center

Schedule of activities within Pupin’s Challenge is as follows:

18.11.2022. Review of student practical work in applied physics and electronics

19.11.2022. Workshop

Location: Mathematical Gymnasium, Belgrade

26.11.2022. Workshop

Location: Endava Company, New Belgrade

10.12.2022. Workshop

Location: Sinhro Hub, Pančevo

17 and 18.12.2022. PUPIN’S CHALLENGE FINAL

Location: Talent Center, Pančevo


About the workshops and the final

Excellent workshops are prepared and the scope of cooperation with project partners such as Endava and Mathematical Gymnasium expanded.

The Review of student works in applied physics and electronics in the Mathematical Gymnasium awaits us. This activity is very important, because it will present the works of sections from high schools from the territory of the City of Belgrade, which will be invited, as well as guests from schools with dedicated work on this topic from other cities of the Republic of Serbia. You can see the previous edition of the review here. You can read more about the section itself in the Mathematical Gymnasium here and watch it here.

Endava company has prepared a workshop where participants will have the opportunity to learn about the use of Arduino sets, Raspberry Pi devices and various sensors in tasks that will be guided by the experts of this renowned global company. This is a great opportunity for participants to have a chance to see first-hand what a well-known IT company looks like and what might be waiting for them as a future occupation.

Project partner – Sinhro Hub from Pančevo opens its doors for the pre-competition of Pupin’s Challenge. The last check before the finals will take place in the Sinhro Hub, where at the same time the teams who did not have the opportunity to attend the previous workshops will come to this one.


During the competition part, there will be a parallel workshop, like in the previous edition, will be demonstrations with Arduino sets and a Processing workshop for all teams who want to learn and decide to try themselves next time in the competition part of Pupin’s Challenge. It is planned that the teams will have 2 members.

For the participants, knowledge of the JAVA programming language is required, but they can also do well with the knowledge of the C and C# programming languages, as well as other knowledge they have acquired at school, as well as individually. In any case, the expert team will be happy to guide and teach the basics needed for this cycle and prepare the participants for future competitions in the case of all the workshops and the finals of this cycle, even those without sufficient prior knowledge. To reserve a place for your team, fill out the application form here.

Activities in the previous period

We had an active period of international cooperation and cooperation with faculties, which you can see here, so we expect further progress of cooperation with faculties.

In numerous presentations of this competition in schools, we have said and continue saying that the slogan IT IS IMPORTANT TO PARTICIPATE is right on spot. The reason is that the participants can improve their knowledge in the whole process of Pupin’s Challenge cycle. The system is designed to supplement the current school curriculum and present practical possibilities of using the acquired knowledge.

Visit to the Gymnasium “Uroš Predić” Pančevo

We were hardworking and this resulted in a great interest of pupils for attending classes in the Talent Center and appearing at Pupin’s Challenge activities. You can see the application and information related to activities in informatics at the Center here.

A word from organizers

“I hope that we will have the capacity to receive all those interested. There will be a relatively limited number of places for some workshops, but we believe that we will be able to meet with the demands for all those interested. We believe in the project that we started and we hope that we will achieve the ambitious goals that we have set and continue with the good work,” said Vladislav Petković – Coordinator of Pupin’s Challenge.