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Pupin’s Challenge 2022 Finale Successfully Finished

By 19.12.2022January 18th, 2023Events, News, Press, Pupin's Challenge

Pupin’s Challenge 2022 finale finished. The competition took place on December 17th and 18th, in the premises of the “Mihajlo Pupin” Regional Talent Center in Pančevo.

Pupin’s Challenge 2022 finale finished. It took place in Pančevo and finished with great success, as was the entire this year’s cycle. Pupin’s Challenge congratulates all of this year’s participants, because they are all winners of this cycle in one way or the other.

Finalists of Pupin's Challenge after the finals.

Finalists of Pupin’s Challenge

This project started in the previous year with an international panel and with the final of the competition in March. You can see more about the project here.

In this cycle, we had a larger number of activities, starting in August. We have successfully implemented all previous activities and announced the final of the competition. We met a larger number of pupils and students compared to the previous season. About thirty students and a dozen high schools participated in this year’s cycle.

Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished. The BANANA team from the "Uroš Predić" Gymnasium at work.

Working atmosphere. The BANANA team from the Gymnasium “Uroš Predić” Pančevo – Nina Jovančić and Luka Baković

The real “treat” for the end of the year was the final of the competition itself. This was at the end of this year’s cycle. The finals began with eighteen students in seven teams from five schools: Mathematical Gymnasium and Electrical Engineering School “Nikola Tesla” from Belgrade, Gymnasium from Kosovska Mitrovica, Gymnasium “Uroš Predić” and Electrical Engineering School “Nikola Tesla” from Pančevo.

Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished. Working atmosphere and in the foreground the team mathematical gymnasium during the competition.

The CC1312 team from the Belgrade Mathematics High School solves the task – Nikola Kovačević, Ignjat Marinković and Daniel Đurčilov

On the first day of the competition, we had a big workshop. Participants went through the previous tasks that were dealt with in this cycle. The main topic of this cycle was Processing in mode for the JAVA programming language, which is defined in the Propositions and content of the competition.

On the second day, six teams and a total of sixteen team members participated in the competitive part of the finals. The uniqueness of this final was the unusual way of evaluating the finalists. The teams in the finals competed against each other with the aim of solving the set of tasks as quickly and completely as possible in each round. There was a real competitive atmosphere, and the competition was thrilling and exciting until the very end. We received a winner and even three second-placed teams, who, in addition to diplomas and commendations, also received cash prizes.

Winners of Pupin’s Challenge 2022 finale finished

The winners of Pupin’s Challenge for the 2022 season were the students of the Electrical Engineering School “Nikola Tesla” from Belgrade.

The first-placed team. Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished.

Marko Ristić, Despot Maksimović and Uroš Mihailović – team GOLF – ETŠ “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade

The second-placed teams were the teams of the Mathematical Gymnasium and ETŠ “Nikola Tesla” from Belgrade, as well as the Gymnasium “Uroš Predić” from Pančevo.

The second-placed team. Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished.

Uglješa Kuzmanov, Milica Jovičić and Anđela Babincev – Team Abujabadabil Aka – Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade

The second-placed team. Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished.

Gojko Japundža and Kosta Vojvodić – team Vojvođani – Gymnasium “Uroš Predić” Pančevo

The second-placed team. Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished

Vladimir Daljić, Dušan Petrović and Strahinja Vujović – team CC#2 – ETŠ “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade

The team

The excellent team of Pupin’s Challenge was led by Milan Surla, associate and lecturer at the Center for Talents. He led all the workshops except the one in Endava and successfully, in cooperation with all of us, designed the topics that were covered.

“The fact that the participants of the finals offered a complete program solution in the first round of the finals only after 2 to 3 hours is simply incredible. It is a remarkable success. We can be very satisfied with the enviable level of knowledge and creativity achieved by the students,” said Milan Surla – president of the jury.

Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished. One of the consultations regarding the method of scoring before the final of Pupin's Challenge

Milan Surla and Marko Stojković in the role of workshop leads and jury members

In this final, we achieved excellent cooperation with the company Endava, which was led by Zoran Labrović, head of testing at Endava, and Marko Stojković, senior developer and a member of the jury. An excellent workshop in Endava only confirmed our correct thinking that it is necessary to involve the real economy, i.e. IT sector in the Pupin’s Challenge project. In this way, the quality of the competition was improved. Endava demonstrated this through the selfless engagement of its team and approval  of the good idea and usefulness of this project.

“By the way, we previously organized a similar workshop at our company, and then the students became quite interested in this type of application, because they could see on the spot how changes in their software are directly reflected in changes in hardware. At the competition itself, they exceeded all our expectations”, concluded Marko Stojković after the competition.

The project is supported from the beginning by the Mihajlo Pupin Institute – Computer Systems. They took part and got involved. Their help gave us the necessary support for the start of the project and the successful realization of this year’s edition. We believe that this is just the beginning of a successful cooperation.

Media on Pupin’s Challenge 2022 finale finished

We had good attention from the media and a great contribution from the RTS (national television) correspondent from Pančevo for the show Serbia Today, which in brief brought the project closer to the public.

RTV Pančevo also prepared a great feature. Their angle of view brought this project even closer to the public and enabled greater visibility.

Others about Pupin’s Challenge 2022 finale held

“The second year in the creation of a new perspective that imposes itself as something important today. It was a pleasure to host young, gifted and motivated students who started on that path,” said Center Director Dragoljub Cucić, among other things, during his welcoming speech before the start of the finals.

One of the activities was the Review at the Mathematical Gymnasium. Jovica Milosavljević, in front of the Mathematical High School, also shared his thoughts on the competition: “The cooperation between Mathematical Gymnasium and Cirkuliranje allowed the students to get acquainted with new technologies from the ICT field through several workshops and to participate in the competition held at the Talent Center in Pančevo. The idea itself” “Pupin’s Challenge” opens new opportunities for successful cooperation between schools, the non-governmental sector, faculties and interested ICT companies. This is a valuable opportunity for students to further inform themselves about the ICT industry and current technologies.”

Žarko Dakić, councilor of the city of Pančevo for local self-government and information technology, one of the meritorious individuals who helped to start this project by personal commitment and example, said the following: “The city of Pančevo reached the company of cities of the most developed countries of the world through a competition of this kind. The quality of the competition took us probably to the top three cities in the world where high school-aged children have a hybrid software/hardware experience with complex tasks that would be a problem for students at many colleges.”

Pupin's Challenge 2022 finale finished. Addressing the finalists by Žarko Dakić.

Žarko Dakić – Pancevo city councillor for local self-government and information technologies


We also thanked Stefan Đorđević for his participation in launching Pupin’s Challenge and awarded him the “New Hero” award from the Cirkuliranje association. This award was given to him for his outstanding contribution in the field of education and in the field of ICT. The award was established in 2018 and is awarded to people with visible personal achievements and a positive impact on society.

The NEW HERO award for outstanding contribution in education and in the field of ICT was awarded to Stefan Đorđević.

Stefan Đorđević – winner of the NEW HERO award

Pupin’s Challenge, after the end of this season, is already in the plans for the next one. We hope to inform the public soon. Thanks